CM Landscaping have many concreting options to choose from.  We can do exposed aggregate concrete, coloured concrete and plain white concrete.  We do driveways, footpaths, under carports, concrete slabs for garages, and complex areas around your house, pool or shed.  The following are some examples of the different types of concreting we can do.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway #1:

P1040675    P1040669    P1040698

Exposed Aggregate Driveway #2:

IMG_2622   IMG_2602   IMG_2625

 Coloured Concrete Footpaths:

DSC01454_1    DSC01453    DSC01455

 White Concrete Footpaths:

IMG_2655    IMG_2647    IMG_2631    IMG_2638

 Coloured Concrete:

P1040634 P1040641 P1040638

 Concrete Path, Steps & Retaining Walls:

DSC00284 DSC00285   DSC00282