CM Landscaping provide a variety of paving services to suit your project.  There are many different styles and materials to choose from.  We can do sandstone paving, brick paving, crazy paving, mosaic paving, paving and brick edge and much much more.  Below are just some of the examples of different types of paving we can do for you. Check out your local paving shop and have a look at the many types of paving you can use, and we will landscape your garden in the style you want.

Sandstone Paving (cream):

DSC02060   DSC02065   DSC02062

 Sandstone Paving (Charcoal):

DSC00150 DSC00148 DSC00147

Crazy Paving:

P1010618   P1010616   P1010613

Mosaic Steps Paving:

DSC00323   DSC00322   DSC00320

Paving & Brick Edge #1:

DSC01490    DSC01489    DSC01487

Paving & Brick Edge #2:

 DSC00140  DSC00141  DSC00142