Retaining Walls

At CM Landscaping there are many different options to choose from when you want to build a retaining wall.  We can do block walls, pine sleeper walls with either steel posts or pine posts, or the same in red gum sleepers.  We can do rock walls using honeycomb, mud rock or granite.  We can do bluestone walls and concrete sleeper walls that will never rot away and will last for many decades.  The following are some examples and options when you are deciding what type of wall will suit your garden and budget.

Block Retaining Wall #1: 

DSC02062    DSC02065    DSC02063

 Block Retaining Wall #2:

P1030963  P1030960  P1030959

Redgum Retaining Wall:

IMG_3755  IMG_3744  IMG_3761

 Honeycomb Rock Wall:

IMG_3011  IMG_3014  IMG_2982

Steel Post & Pine Sleeper Wall:

DSC01413   DSC01405   DSC00547

Pine Post & Sleeper Wall:

IMG_3002  IMG_2992  IMG_3006

 Bluestone Wall With Steps:

P1010471   P1010475   P1010477

 Bluestone Wall Along Driveway:

DSC00557  DSC00556  DSC00553

Concrete Sleeper Wall:

DSC02290   DSC02286   DSC02289